Games where you play as an orc

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Is there a game that Hobbits, Dwarves, and Elves play in

Want to play as a Goblin — Forums PJ and Turbine however treating them differently, so Helleri's statement is not entirely correct you can play Orcs in LotRO, can do it without your wallet too, since the Reaver is free to everyone, but in the game orcs and goblins are different. Goblins are those small buggers with a spear, mostly working as travelling agents for dye-making ... Orc Hunter, Action / Adventure game online Orc Hunter - Slidescrolling Orc slicing. Cut the orcs open and watch them bleed. Careful, more are coming for you. Play it free, rate it, send to your friends, add the game code to your blog or Myspace. You are player number 462 | ">More Action / Adventure games | Report about problem with a game! Full Screen Mode. Orc Hunter Rating The Orc Slayer Game [Online] -

Games where you play as a "beast" (Minotaur, Orc etc ...

You don't usually play as the bad guy in video games, but this list features games that are an exception. Ever finished a game and realized youNowadays, adventure games feature complicated branching storylines, bringing about a whole slew of video games where you get to be as evil as you... Are there any PC games where you play as a dragon? -… It’s a mix of a turn based and real time strategy game where you play as the bastard heir of the old emperor. And since your mother was a dragonIn this game you do not control a dragon as a main player but you control a dragonborn who is able to permanently kill dragons by not letting their souls...

Tower Defense: Orc Army game online -

Arghle's Orcish Adventure! |

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Just not enough where you play as either a large dragon in an engaging story or an anthromorphic dragon whos fighting to figure out who he is or something. There is also a lack of ones as a companion beside you. I wish theyd release games like Spyro (the original and all the releases before... You're playing a game where you defend your village from…