Steam games with only 1 save slot

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And kudos to indie game Bust N Rush, for managing to be the only game I’ve ever seen in \LocalLow, with this catch location: C:\Users\John\AppData\LocalLow\Techtonic Games Inc\BustNRush\SAVEDATA\13. Another Steam game, Skyrim, opts for somewhere else too. Back in My Documents now, but in a folder especially for “My Games”.

Far cry 3 had 3 save slots. It makes no sense to only have 1 save slot. Sometiems my brothers or friends come over and just want to mess around with all the weapons and guns I have unlocked in my other game and mess up my karma. I would like to have another save slot and even another one for like a hard mode or if my fiance wnts to play. Why have only one save slot ? :: Dragon's Dogma ... - Steam I see, Spock. But the game have an option to be played offline, doesn't it ? So how can that make sense ? If we play offline, why not have as many saves/characters as we want ? Q) Does the game support more than one save slot? A) No. The pawn trading system and interaction with the Rift server was designed around a single save and player profile. Steam games, multiple saves? | Valve Corporation ... Is there any way I can have more than one campaign on a Steam game? It would be nice on some games to have a save for me, and one for the wife. Register. Board Games ... I've done this with both Terraria and X3 (each of which have limited save slots) without any problems. The only issue you may have is for competitive games... I know some games ... 10 great Steam games that only cost $1 | PC Gamer 10 great Steam games that only cost $1. ... I consistently see interesting and unique games on Steam for only $1, so I decided to comb through as many $1 games as I could find and highlight ten ...


Dec 1, 2018 ... Saving is an mechanic that saves the game, it can only be done on ... 1 Function; 2 Backing up/Accessing your saves; 3 Saving Points; 4 Update history .... Fixed changing Steam user in the save slot window in game not ... Multiple save files? - Ubisoft Forums

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You can also share steam games so that leaves only psn players as the odd one out maybe. So the part quoted shouldn't be an issue for anyone for thatthat said $10 for extra character slots is stupid, but for most people it shouldn't matter. For the few that do what two characters they will probably pay... Is it possible to delete a game but keep the saves? : … Off-site giveaways must be for Steam games only.Steamcloud does the trick with the majority of Steam games by saving them online. Check if the game you want to uninstall first supports Steamcloud by checking the tags in the store page, if not then just manually locate the game saves...